charlie sheen twitterGive a digital megaphone to a "rock bottom" actor turned passionate "warlock"? Yes, please! Charlie Sheen has been "winning" all over daytime TV, and now he's got a 24/7 spot for his roller coaster of rants and raves (of the party variety, of course).

But from TwitPics of chocolate milk to the musings of a wizarding force, Sheen's Twitter account sounds more like the ramblings of an acne-faced, 'World of Warcraft'-obsessed 14-year-old than that of a grown man.

Charlie's Twitter bio even has a suspenseful ego of its own: "Born Small... Now Huge... Winning... Bring It..! (unemployed winner...)."

Although he's new to the Twittersphere, Charlie is already winning with more than 750,000 followers.

Check out Charlie's inaugural tweets after the jump!