Fresh off her breakup from 'I Am Number Four' co-star Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron wasn't shy about hitting the party scene. reports the 'Glee' star hit the Weinstein/Montblanc pre-Oscar bash at LA's Soho House on Feb. 26 with close pal, 'Gossip Girl' star Jessica Szohr.

And it wasn't long before Agron, 24, was spotted in an intense chat with 'Captain America' cutie, Chris Evans, 29. "They were definitely flirting," the witness told UsMagazine.

After 30 minutes of chatting, "Chris grabbed Dianna's hand and kissed her knuckles," the party guest said. "It was sweet!" And when Agron and Szohr were ready to leave, Evans went "in for a close cheek kiss and hug with Dianna."

Is there a future for the pair? Not so fast for Agron. "It seemed like Chris was more smitten than Dianna," the source said.