charlie sheenWhile some may be loving the Charlie Sheen media explosion over the past few days (and even going as far as putting them into hilarious Internet memes) for others, enough is enough. We asked our Facebook fans if they were fed up with all the Charlie Sheen media attention and they had some passionate replies. Check out our favorite Facebook responses below.

Tina Dement: Most definitely! He is feeding on all this attention and it just fuels his erratic behavior. The man needs serious help. In no way is his behavior and actions that of a sane or healthy individual and the people around him know this they just don't care because they are getting free drugs, a home to live in and publicity. I would not be shocked to hear he has suffered an OD.

Kristen Lambert Hernandez: They're giving him the wrong kind of attention for sure. Instead of constantly posting his crazy ramblings everywhere, why doesn't someone stage an intervention and get him help? I don't understand why everyone is loving this, we know he's going to keep getting worse and instead of trying to stop it, everyone's got their laptops ready to write the next story.

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