Laila Ali Defining Moment

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Winning Is in Her Blood

She may be the daughter of one the the greatest heavyweight championship boxers of all time, but Laila Ali has forged her own path to success both in and out of the ring.

"When I saw women's boxing on television for the first time. I was so in awe because I didn't know women even boxed," Ali recalls. "And with my dad being the most famous boxer in the world, how did I not know that women could actually fight? And form that moment I knew I wanted to do it. I was so in awe because I didn't even know women even boxed."

I was so in awe because I didn't know women even boxed.

During her career, Ali racked up a perfect 24-0 record and was named by the International Boxing Association, Super MiddleWeight Champion in 2002.

"A lot of fighters that I meet, that are female, now think a lot of the time that I was one of the first female fighters and a lot of them have been inspired by me," Ali says. "Being that my last name is Ali I have brought more attention to the sport then anyone else has, but there were so many fighters before me that I try to educate them about. It usually takes seeing a women in the ring and liking what they see for them to want to follow in your footsteps."

Since retiring from boxing Ali has launched new line of hair care and beauty products and she hopes to mobilize over 100,000 young people as the new celebrity spokesperson for's Healthy Schools Challenge, a national initiative empowering young people to create and implement innovative ideas to make their schools and communities healthier places.

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