Jennifer Lopez and PitbullShe might still be 'Jenny From the Block,' but Jennifer Lopez has come a long way, baby.

Currently a high-profile judge in the television series 'American Idol,' Lopez will release a new album on April 19 entitled 'Love?' But, for her fans and followers, there need not be a question mark attached -- Lopez stormed the Billboard Hot 100 on Thursday with the album's first single, 'On the Floor,' landing her in the top 10.

It's a position she's been in before, sure, but it's been a full eight years since she's seen that kind of love -- and she's been engaged and/or married more than once since then.

In a move that demonstrates the kind of genius marketing and branding Lopez -- aka J.Lo -- has employed during her entire career, the digital release for 'On the Floor' (featuring Pitbull) was synced with its video premiere on 'American Idol' on Thursday. Watch the video after the jump.