Take Me Home Tonight Teresa PalmerInterviewing 'Take Me Home Tonight' star Teresa Palmer, you want to to ask about her one-time romance with co-star Topher Grace. But the point is totally moot -- she's as mum on that relationship as she is on Russell Brand, whom she dated for a minute before he, y'know, married Katy Perry.

But our interview was no loss. The 25-year-old Palmer, raised in the blue collar suburbs of Adelaide, Australia, dished with PopEater about her rebellious high school days, working with her ex and the types of roles she's mulling for the future (hint: she's thinking offbeat indie).

You're the hot crush in 'Take Me Home Tonight,' but I read somewhere you were once a dork?
In high school I became a little more popular, but in primary school I was teased as the girl who wore socks with sandals.

What's the wildest thing you did in high school?
I had my rebellious stage at age 14 to 16. I threw a huge party at one of my dad's investment properties and burned down the house. Gate-crashers burned the house down.

Guys everywhere need to know: Your character in this movie knows every time Topher Grace looks at your boobs, no matter how sly he thinks he's being. Do you have this same talent?
Absolutely! We always know when you guys look!