It's hard to imagine anyone earning a living by twisting balloons. But that's exactly the case for the cast of 'The Unpoppables,' TLC's new show that follows balloon artists Addi Somehk, Brian Asman and Katie Laibstain as they create awe inspiring installations out of balloons.

Don't write 'The Unpoppables' off as something you could see at a county fair. From creating a life-size fire truck for a firefighter museum to the first-ever balloon wedding (balloon dress, altar and cake!), these jaw-dropping creations are the result of extensive planning, engineering and hundreds upon hundreds of balloons.

"If anyone told me 10 years ago that I would earn my living with latex, I woulda laughed," said Asman of his career choice. See 'The Unpoppables' create a life-size PopEater installation after the jump!