Making an ass of yourself on camera isn't just a specialty of Charlie Sheen's, although after his epic run of motormouth rants and erratic interviews, he's definitely captain of the team these days.

Maybe that's why Sheen, as impersonated by Bill Heder in the opening of this weekend's 'Saturday Night Live,' is the ideal host for a new talk show giving airtime to "winners" like himself. His special guests? Christina Aguilera, John Galliano, Muammar Qaddafi and "longtime guest of the winner's circle," Lindsay Lohan (played by 'SNL' host Miley Cyrus).

'Duh! Winning!' is sponsored by both Tiger Blood and clean baby urine, and features a set with its own defibrillators to revive Sheen as needed. Trolls go home; winners, deal with this:

And if you're only happy when you're "bi-winning," after the jump is another choice sendup of the catchphrase rockstar. The new self-help book concocted by Joel McHale and 'The Soup' team -- titled 'Charlie Sheen's Guide to, Duh, Winning' -- is full of wisdom for the losers in your life.