Did you worry for a moment that you'd heard the last of Charlie Sheen spilling his every thought?

Did you fear that talking to morning news shows, prime-time news shows, online and radio forums would exhaust the 'Two and Half Men' star of things to say?

Did you wonder: What if Sheen gets bored at his mansion with nobody to shoot the breeze with but his "goddesses"? (Uh, can we call them concubines, already?)

Well, worry no more. The truly inane webcast 'Sheen's Korner' -- a misspelled word, now that's komedy! -- is the actor's new outlet for yammering and cracking himself up. Oh, and unveiling his newest tattoo: "Winning." A banner on the webcast reads, "You're either in Sheen's korner or with the trolls!"

Opening with a shout-out to his five kids, Sheen debuted his live webcast on Saturday from a desk at home. The endeavor, Sheen said, is "brought to you by Tiger Blood" (also a "sponsor" that was cited in the recent Sheen spoof on 'SNL'). Listen carefully for the Stern-style fart sound effects. Klassy!

The clip also features sidekicks, including girlfriend Natalie Kenly, who giggled and lounged on a sofa, chiming in to confirm that the other "goddess" (Rachel Oberlin, aka porn star Bree Olson) left to "take care of some business" in "some small town in the middle of America." Sheen said "she wouldn't tell us where," and blew kisses to the camera for her.

One of Sheen's props was startling: He drank from a toddler's sippy cup that he recently claimed was left behind the last time his twin sons were taken from his home by authorities. Sorry, Charlie, but the loudest 'Two and Half Men' laugh track wouldn't make that funny. Spend time in 'Sheen's Korner' here:

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