More of a tattoo DIY crafter than a tattoo artist, Ke$ha decided earlier this week to use some handy everyday objects to ink the ankle of a fan.

As seen in a clip posted recently on the pop star's Facebook page, the young admirer isn't about to let silly concerns about infection or safety get in the way of his excitement.

The singer, who just turned 24, is confident and upbeat during the backstage encounter, during which she told her superfan, "OK, it might hurt," while branding him with small, dark blur (that's actually a dollar sign symbol).

With the new tattoo a done deal, Ke$ha sealed the procedure with an affectionate hug. And you have to wonder: (a) what do experienced, professional tattoo artists, such as Kat Von D, think about amateurs who ink each other, and (b) will more of Ke$ha's autograph seekers start baring their stinky feet and requesting a permanent souvenir tattoo the moment they meet her?