This weekend brings a major new wrinkle in the case against Lindsay Lohan, in which she's accused of felony theft by a jewelry store owner who says the actress stole a $2,500 necklace in January.

Kamofie & Co. has just sold the surveillance video allegedly showing Lindsay Lohan leaving the store with the unpaid merchandise, according to a new report from And the sale, reportedly brokered by a media dealer who peddled the footage to both U.S. and international outlets, is estimated to be earning the Southern California jeweler more than $35,000.

"The jewelry store wanted a bidding war to maximize profits," a source tells Radar. Entertainment Tonight is reportedly one buyer; the show is expected to air the controversial footage on Monday.

On the one hand, public scrutiny of the video could further embarrass the troubled actress, who left rehab in early January, after months of trying to resolve her legal woes so she can repair her image and revive her career.

On the other hand, the prosecution's case against Lohan is in jeopardy, now that its key witness has made such a money-hungry move. In the past, Lohan's team has suggested she was set up, and as the opportunistic jeweler walks off with thousands before the case is even tried, the store's claim that they were victims of theft weakens.

"Lindsay Lohan may have just gotten the luckiest break of her life," RadarOnline's managing editor and executive vice president, David Perel, tells PopEater. "If the criminal case comes down to her word versus the word of the jeweler, it will be Advantage: Lindsay. The jewelry store has now used the case for profit, and Lindsay's lawyer is sure to have a very compelling argument that the cash-for-tape scandal destroys the credibility of Lindsay's accuser."