It had to happen. All season, cast newcomer Vanessa Bayer has been parodying Miley Cyrus in recurring 'Saturday Night Live' sketches. And this weekend, with Cyrus trying her hand at hosting 'SNL,' the 18-year-old got to share a 'Miley Cyrus Show' scene with Bayer -- coming face to face with the shrill, pleased-with-herself caricature the comedienne has perfected since the spoof's debut last fall.

The former 'Hannah Montana' star brought just the right amount of swagger to her Justin Bieber impersonation (surely the 'swagger coach' was a big help), and things got pretty meta when Bayer mentioned salvia to "Justin" and tried (unsuccessfully) to get Cyrus to utter the sketch's "Pretty cool!" tagline.

Later in the 'SNL' broadcast, Cyrus belted her heart out as Fergie, and gyrated onstage at inopportune moments to crash a hilarious segment ostensibly devoted to two lesser-known Black Eyed Peas: Taboo (Andy Samberg) and apl.d.ap (Kenan Thompson).

First, check out 'The Miley Cyrus Show' for the Bieber impersonation. And after the jump, see Cyrus have the time of her life as Fergie.