Talk about a blast from the past. Nicole Kidman's first film, 1983's 'BMX Bandits,' makes its Blu-ray debut this month, and director Brian Trenchard-Smith recently talked with Entertainment Weekly about working with the young star before she made it big.

"When she came in, I could tell right away that she had great dramatic instincts. Some people are born actors. They have a grasp on how to make a line of dialogue believable," Trenchard-Smith said.

The Aussie film is about three young BMX bikers who end up in the middle of an adventure involving bank bandits -- a far cry from her Oscar-nominated roles in 'Rabbit Hole,' as Virginia Woolf in 'The Hours' (for which she took home the gold) and as 'Moulin Rouge's' singing and dancing courtesan. Watch a 16-year-old Kidman after the jump!