This isn't the first time we have issued such a warning, and we know it probably won't be the last. But here we go again, putting this out there as a public service announcement in the hopes that some lost famous soul will heed our wise words.

Famous people: don't take X-rated pictures of yourselves and send them to other people...any other people. That means don't send them to your girlfriend (because that's not gonna last), your wife (also tenuous) and definitely not to some chick who hasn't even agreed to go on a date with you (Yup, Brett Favre, still looking at you). Don't even send them to your doctor if you have a funny rash or any members of your family for any reason at all (wrong, for entirely different reasons).

The most recent nudie pic offender is none other than singer Chris Brown, who really has enough on his plate these days. Over the weekend, a full-frontal shot Brown obviously took of himself in a mirror and sent into the universe, emerged online. The photos could have been part of a trade of sorts with ex-girlfriend Rihanna -- what looked like her half of the set leaked back in 2009.