Chris BrownChris Brown can't seem to catch a break. When a judge reduced a restraining order last month, allowing him to resume contact with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, new photos surfaced of the badly beaten songstress, reminding the public why Brown had been forced to steer clear of the Bajan beauty in the first place.

Now the 'F.A.M.E.' creator, who just released a video of himself rapping, has more negative press to deal with after a nude photo leaked to the Internet on Friday, March 4.

Brown apparently snapped the intimate photo of himself with a cell phone and sent it to an ex-girlfriend of his. There's no confirmation on whether the former flame he reportedly sent it to is in fact Rihanna. The image showcases the 'Look At Me Now' singer standing in a bathroom in front of a mirror nude. A full frontal view is exposed.