Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Goddess in Court For DUIWhile Charlie Sheen and the rest of the happy campers at the Sober Valley Lodge drink tiger blood and win all day, goddess Rachel Oberlin has been dealing with some less-than-glamorous issues of her own.

During the first installment of his online chat show, 'Sheen's Korner,' this weekend, Sheen mentioned that Oberlin, better known as porn star Bree Olson, had to "take care of some business" in "some small town in the middle of America."

Sheen and his other girlfriend, Natalie Kenly, mentioned that Oberlin hadn't disclosed the specifics of where she was going, and for good reason: reports that the allegedly sober XXX star has been in Fort Wayne, Ind., attempting to resolve the case surrounding her arrest on a charge of DUI last month.