Miley Cyrus Kings of Leon TextMiley Cyrus has been all over the news since she turned 18, though the most recent revelations about the teen starlet are rather timid compared to the salvia-related headlines she made late last year. In fact, the reports that she's been text-flirting with Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill are downright sweet.

According to Hollywood Life, Cyrus has had a crush on the Southern rocker ever since the two hung out at last year's MTV Europe Music Awards. A source close to Kings of Leon told the website, "Miley wants to keep Jared interested ... she often sends him coy text messages."

Apparently, Followill likes the attention. "So far, he is a big fan of what she has been sending. He thinks she's very pretty and is excited she's still flirting with him," the insider said. He's even been bragging to his friends about Miley's texts. "Jared loves showing off his texts from Miley."