Everyone and their mother has been auditioning in jest to be the replacement Charlie Harper on 'Two and a Half Men' now that Charlie Sheen has officially been axed from the show. Replacing a beloved character is tricky business, though. Some shows fail miserably. We are indeed talking about the time 'Roseanne' replaced one blonde actress with another back in 1993 and simply expected no one to notice. But other replacements add value to the show. While Michael J. Fox was certainly missed from the cast of 'Spin City' when he left that show to spend more time with his family, Sheen of all people proved to be an excellent substitute.

Now we don't expect Warner Brothers to try to pull the wool over our eyes and simply create a new Charlie Parker out of whiskey and pixie dust and pretend nothing happened (although we hear Matt Dillon is available). But if the show continues someone will need to step in to bolster the one and a half remaining men. Who could possibly be up for the job?