mel gibson plea dealMel Gibson has taken a plea deal in his ongoing criminal case, TMZ reports. The site's sources say Mel will make a court appearance Friday and make a no contest battery plea, meaning he will not spend time in jail for a reported incident of abuse on Jan. 6, 2010. reports that Alexander "Sasha" Dalton, the son of Mel's allegedly abused baby mama Oksana Grigorieva, was set to testify as the star witness. Sasha, 13, is the child of Oksana and actor Timothy Dalton.

"One major reason why this case was being brought against Mel Gibson, more than a year after the alleged incident took place, is because Sasha was made available to testify at a potential criminal trial against Mel," a source close to the case tells Radar. "Sasha's involvement and cooperation in the case was absolutely essential, and because he is a minor, both of his parents had to agree to let him participate, and that took some time to make happen."