new jane eyre movie

Dark and mysterious story lines always make for good drama in itself, but when you intertwine it with romance and throw in a couple corsets and petticoats, you have a compelling movie, which draws in audiences for a box office hit. Or maybe that's what director Cary Fukunaga is hoping for with the release of his new movie 'Jane Eyre,' starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender.

Keeping classic novels such as 'Jane Eyre' fresh after many remakes and adaptations is almost all the work, especially when everyone already knows how the story ends. Audiences need motivation to drag themselves to theaters and continue to sit and watch for two hours. They need a kind of movie that makes them forget that they ever bought popcorn at all. They need a movie that makes them forget about the loud "slurper" sitting behind them. Watch the cast interview after the jump!