It's going to be weeks before we all find out who wins the fourth edition of 'Celebrity Apprentice.' One thing's for sure, however: supermodel Niki Taylor wrapped up the first phase of the competition with good feelings about the man in charge.

"I hope Donald Trump runs for president, I really do," she declares in a chat with PopEater. "I would vote for him, absolutely. Wouldn't you? I'd trust him with everything that I have."

The stunning 36-year-old blonde, who once graced the covers of six major American fashion and fitness magazines in the same month, also calls Trump "just a sweetheart" and "an amazing, amazing guy -- a powerhouse. And I love his children, Don Jr. and Ivanka, too."

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Chances are, David Cassidy isn't feeling as positive. In case you missed the first new season 'CA' installment, the one-time teen idol was painfully humiliated by reality star Richard Hatch, then wound up being fired by Trump. Taylor, meanwhile, wound up in quite a flattering light, chosen by the winning women's team as their star for whipping up pizza deemed the best by culinary judge Curtis Stone.