Tina Fey certainly knows a thing or two about being a working parent, and she isn't afraid to voice her opinions on the subject.

"My daughter brought home a book called 'My Working Mom,'" Fey told OK! Magazine of 5-year-old daughter Alice at the 20th annual Bunny Hop. "It had a witch on the cover, and I was like, 'This hurts my feelings.' She was like, 'Mom, I can't read. I thought it was a Halloween book.'"

Fey, who will celebrate her 10th anniversary with husband Jeff Richmond this June, says Alice thinks "daddy's funnier" when it comes to household comedy. However, it's Alice herself that makes the two of them laugh.

"She's very funny," Fey said. "Last night I called to check on her, and she was chanting 'apple juice, apple juice, apple juice, apple juice' over and over again until she got some apple juice. On '30 Rock,' she is the writer behind the phrase 'I want to go to there,' so I have to give her credit for that."