Christopher Andersen, the author of best-selling books about the late Princess Diana, has a new volume out called 'William and Kate: A Royal Love Story.' In it, Andersen chronicles the couple's long and sometimes rocky relationship and sorts through juicy details about William's other romantic conquests, how they kept their affair secret and what makes this soon-to-be-wed couple sparkle. The author tells PopEater that without Kate, William could very well have become an embarrassment to the family, and he makes his case that Prince Harry was fathered by a different man.

Firstly, I was shocked at how much William and Harry drink.
They do drink a lot. That's where Kate comes in; one of the great jobs she's been able to perform is pulling William back from the edge a bit. You always see them coming out of those bars, and he always look completely smashed, and she's in good shape. She never over imbibes, she's always in control, and before she leaves the club she goes and makes herself up in the ladies room so that not a hair is out of place. She's always been a pillar of strength for him.