Mia Wasikowska, the ethereal Australian actress, is barely out of her teens yet already has a resume that people twice her age would envy. In the last couple of years she was Alice in Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' and Joni in 'The Kids Are All Right.' Now she's starring in a movie version of the classic brooding and romantic Charlotte Bronte novel, 'Jane Eyre.' PopEater spoke with Wasikowska about her uncanny streak of classy roles, taking pointers from Judi Dench and how the 'Twilight' phenom owes a lot to Bronte.

Had you read 'Jane Eyre' before you did the movie?
I was reading the book in the middle of 2009 before I knew any project was on the horizon. I was half way through it, and I emailed my agent, "This is fantastic, is there a script around, or is it being developed?" Nothing was there at the time, but two months later she e-mailed me the script, and I met with Cary (Fukunaga, the director). It was really good timing.