corey haim in memoriam videoThis week marked one year since former teen icon Corey Haim died following complications from pneumonia. Much of Haim's upbringing -- starring in a series of hit '80s movies, his troubles with drug addiction and his efforts at a comeback -- has been widely documented. However, Haim re-entered the news even before this anniversary, after being snubbed from the "In Memoriam" package at the Academy Awards.

Moviefone touts films like 'Lucas' and 'The Lost Boys' as beloved classics, and they took it a step further by taking a moment to do what the Academy didn't: honor the life and career of Corey Haim.

Moviefone has created an 'In Memoriam' video to celebrate Haim's body of work and the impact he had on audiences, featuring narration by Haim's on- and off-screen buddy Corey Feldman, who also shared additional thoughts on Haim's talents, their relationship and how he has dealt with the past year. Watch Moviefone's Corey Haim memorial video: