She's been a beloved 'Friend,' an A-List rom-com star, a hairstyle icon and a perfumer -- as she reminded the press in Mexico this week while promoting her fragrance, Jennifer Aniston.

Now, perhaps inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Country Strong' example, Jennifer Aniston is eager to get to work on her next role: country music singer.

For an upcoming fact-based film set in the 1940's, Aniston plans to portray a member of The Goree Girls, a wildly unconventional group of Texas singers she describes as "the Dixie Chicks of their time," according to USA Today.

The movie, based on real events that took place in Goree Prison, is about eight talented female inmates who formed a country-western band; embraced by the public, the women were ultimately pardoned.

Aniston will reportedly co-produce the musical project (which has been bouncing around Hollywood since at least 2007), with big names such as Kelly Rowland, Pam Tillis and Ellen Pompeo attached as co-stars in recent months. Many in the industry speculate that after a long string of romantic comedies, 42-year-old Aniston is longing to make her mark in other genres.

If the actress does her own vocals in the role, it won't be the first time she's gone country on camera. After the jump, check out a humongous-haired Jennifer Aniston in 2004, as she warbles down-home ditties with Amy Poehler on 'Saturday Night Live.'