In a live interview at Paley Fest in Beverly Hills, packed with TV fans, Jimmy Fallon spent an evening with moderator Chris Hardwick, according to The Hollywood Reporter, sharing what goes on behind the scenes on 'Late Night.'

Fallon praised how quickly his team creates some of the comedy gold that's been airing lately. For example, while he got into hair and makeup, polishing his Charlie Sheen impersonation by watching interviews on his laptop, his writers whipped up the script for the 'Winning' cologne ad that instantly went viral.

And for last year's laughably low-budget 'Bothered' sketch, Fallon and Robert Pattinson (plus a camera operator) hung from a tree outside their Rockefeller Plaza offices, in order to pull off the absurd, pasty-pale encounter between faux vampires.

Fallon revealed a major coup, to be aired on an upcoming episode: He says Tiger Woods will drop by for his first post-scandal interview, during which he's agreed to a round of miniature golf with the host. "We're going to do it," Fallon confirmed.