Jimmy Kimmel Urges Fans to Donate to Tsunami ReliefBehind Jimmy Kimmel's funny facade is a diabolical man. The laughter and joy he brings into the living rooms of countless individuals is just a cover-up for his dark secret: Jimmy Kimmel wills tsunamis into existence with his mind (or so he thinks).

In a new original piece for The Huffington Post titled 'A Dramatic Story, at the End of Which Nothing Happens,' the late-night funnyman discusses the day when his recurring tsunami nightmare became a reality.

Kimmel describes, "The dream goes like this. I am outside. Without warning, the tide starts to go out. As the water is sucked away, I know what is happening. The sea pulls back, loading up. For a moment, it disappears. Then a wall of water a thousand feet high towers over me. It is too big to run from. All I can do is watch, frozen by fear. And then I wake up. It's scary."