eminem daughter hailie mathersUPDATE: Congratulations, Twitter user @Angry_Blonde. You fooled the internet into thinking you were Eminem's 15-year-old daughter Hailie.

Despite convincing tweets (see: casually referencing her and her father's birthdays accurately; tweeting a photo purportedly from "daddy's helli-choppa"; numerous other small, unfussy details), @Angry_Blonde is not Eminem's daughter.

Eminem's publicist and label rep confirms to E! Online that the account is fake and "Hailie has no Twitter account at all." E! was also duped initially, writing: "Hats off to Angry_Blonde, the keeper of the most elaborate impostor account we've seen yet." What's stranger is that close to a half-dozen (less convincing) accounts are in use, solely to impersonate Eminem's daughter.

The rapper's manager, Paul Rosenberg, also tweeted that the account is "100% fake."

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Twitter account had been deleted.