jennifer hudson sonJennifer Hudson's baby boy, David Daniel Otunga Jr., might be ready to follow her into showbiz. In an interview with MTV News, the singer says her 2-year-old is "very musical."

"He just loves music overall, and he's into it," Hudson says. "I feel like I had a little Michael Jackson. He'd be in the backseat of the car, [moving] his little shoulder to anything that comes on the radio, and then I turn around like, 'What are you doing?' And he laughs like, 'Ha! What, you didn't think I had that move?'"

In fact, little David busted a move with Ellen DeGeneres on her show just a few weeks ago.

Hudson, whose new album 'I Remember Me' is set to drop March 22, also says her son knows his mother's voice as soon as it comes on the radio or TV. "If my commercial is on, he'll walk out the room, 'That's my momma!'" she says.

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