jessica bielJessica Biel is back on the market for the first time in four years. Something, a little bird perhaps, tells us it won't be long before her former beau Justin Timberlake officially steps out with a new lady. So Jessica might want to consider whom she plans on pairing up with next in order to win the breakup.

Our celebrity and dating experts seem to agree that Ms. Biel will shack up with another celebrity for her next go round, instead of taking some time away from the famous twosome game.

"Jessica Biel is off-the-charts gorgeous and successful, and men are undoubtedly lining up to date her now that she is single. I think she should give one of the Ryans a chance. Ryan Reynolds is a fellow actor, newly single, and they would make a beautiful couple," says dating and life coach Tracey Steinberg. "Ryan Gosling is also a fellow actor, and he chooses really interesting roles which makes me think he is the super-intelligent, sensitive type. Both Ryans obviously like strong women. Jessica can't go wrong with either of them."

Or maybe Biel could opt for one Jake Gyllenhaal. After dating near-child Taylor Swift, Gyllenhaal must be up for a real woman in his life.