Kathy Griffin called to talk about her much-discussed cameo on 'Glee,' but before she could jump into it, the comedienne squealed, "Cher just texted me!" The showbiz icon was texting Kathy to say "break a leg" during her Broadway show and to not "embarrass me in front of all those folks" when she comes to see her. Cher! Doesn't get more A-list than that. Kathy revealed that she met Cher through her longtime pal Rosie O'Donnell, who has become something of a celebrity matchmaker, hooking up one celeb to another.

"Rosie introduced me to Bette Midler and one day called me and invited me to meet Cher," Kathy said. "I didn't want to ask for a picture. Even this big mouth knows when to shut up. But Rosie said Cher wants your number and then she called me."

But even bigger than being new best friends with Cher, Kathy debuted on 'Glee' Tuesday night, playing a Sarah Palin-esque regionals judge. "Don't you dare imply it's Sarah Palin," Kathy joked. "Although I'm sure Sarah will have the girls over tonight and watch the show with a bottle of vodka."