With a little more than a month to go before Steve Carell signs off for good, the cast of 'The Office' is on lockdown. Amy Ryan, who plays Michael Scott's HR-repping girlfriend, has nothing but love for the show but has zilch to reveal about what's going to happen. "I'm not allowed to say. Doesn't that suck?" she tells PopEater. Yes, it does! As we wait to see if Michael and Holly get married and ride off into the Scranton sunset, the amazing Ryan is busy -- and happily -- promoting her new film, 'Win Win,' with another great actor, Paul Giamatti. In it, Giamatti plays a part-time wrestling coach and Ryan his straight-shooting wife. Let's go:

So Paul Giamatti, overrated right?
(Laughs) Oh my God no, he's top shelf. I was so excited to be working with him. He is truly one of our best out there right now. I didn't know what to expect at first, but then other friends were so effusive when they heard we'd be working together, "Oh you're going to love him!"