Howard Stern Rolling Stone Cover and InterviewHe's radio's loudest beast, but Howard Stern admits that he's got more than a few thorns in his paw. The first: Stern admitted to Rolling Stone that his main problem is caring too much -- he wishes he could make like Charlie Sheen and just "say f**k you to the world."

But that just isn't Stern's style. He's neurotic to a fault.

"When that show is on, I feel like I'm calculating everything," Stern told Rolling Stone. "It's maddening. Literally, after the show, I come back to my office, I do Transcendental Meditation and I pass out. My head is on fire."

Stern admits that his need for "attention, acclaim, validation" stems from his mother instilling in him the paramount importance of reading people. On air, Stern becomes a watchdog studying his guests' every movement or tick, down to how many times they blink.

"Not to sound like Charlie Sheen, but losing was not an option ... I listened to every show back on tape."

Although this self-diagnosed "people addict" calls his neuroses "desperate," his millions of fans would surely disagree. But the self-proclaimed King of All Media is still searching for a compromise between obsessive and apathetic.