Katy Perry's Mom Shops Around Book About Life With Famous DaughterKaty Perry may have kissed a girl and liked it, but her mother isn't so hot on her daughter's risque act.

Page Six reports that Perry's mom, Mary Perry Hudson, is shopping around a book about her Christian ministry as well as the life choices her daughter is making and the effect they've had on her family.

Perry, who began her career as a Christian singer under her real name, Katy Hudson, has given differing accounts of her upbringing, although most have described her parents as strict disciplinarians.

"We were never allowed to swear," Perry has said. "I'd get into trouble just for saying 'Hell no.' If you dropped a hammer on your toe in our house you had to say something like 'Jiminy Christmas.'

"The only music we were allowed to listen to was gospel. No wonder I rebelled!"