LeAnn Rimes Goes From Toned to Tiny, Says She's 'Healthy'We'd like to say that the pre-wedding glow looks good on LeAnn Rimes, but we're not sure it does. The country crooner stepped out looking skinnier than ever, and RadarOnline reports that her dramatic weight loss may be due to "pre-wedding stress."

Compared with images of Rimes from just a few months ago, her bony frame is a far cry from her once athletically toned bod.

But nutritionist Dr. Farid Zarif told Radar, "Just as a lot of people have a propensity to gain weight, others have the same ability to lose it, too."

Rimes isn't taking recent scrutiny regarding her weight lying down. In response to the criticism, she tweeted, "I don't care about the dumb articles. I know how healthy I am. Maybe those people should start taking care of themselves...inside and out," before joking that she should release a nude photo of herself so others could see that she is not as skinny as the photos depict.

Although we've heard of retouching and bad angles, these photos don't seem to lie.