jonathan rhys meyers airline assaultJonathan Rhys Meyers is facing a lawsuit from United Airlines employee Kathryn Williams, who contends that Meyers "assaulted, battered and verbally abused her after being barred from stepping on an early morning flight," the Daily Mail reports.

The star of Showtime's 'The Tudors' and Woody Allen's 'Match Point' was allegedly drunk off vodka in NYC's JFK Airport before the incident in May 2010. The filed complaint says Meyers behaved "outrageously and shockingly" and went beyond "reasonable bounds of decency."

"Williams claims to have suffered permanent physical damage and severe emotional distress following the incident last May," the Mail writes.

The altercation landed Meyers in rehab at the time, with a source telling PEOPLE he "just really wants to get better" and "this has been an ongoing battle for him."