Alright alright alright, the Internet is ripe for a free-wheeling discussion with strapping actor Matthew McConaughey, about nearly losing his 20s to law school and how he parlayed his first film ('Dazed and Confused') into a massive career, ranging from cheesy Disney movies with "that guy from 'Taxi'" to a slew of romantic comedies. McConaughey spoke with PopEater on the eve of the release of 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' which brings him back to his legal roots 16 years after becoming a star with 'A Time to Kill.' We also learned the Uvalde (here) native is extremely passionate about his beloved Texas.

"Texas is rooted in a real traditional code yet at the same time it's not stuck, it's a very progressive state," he said. "It's a real nice balance of that. There's a lot of honor and pride in it."