Simon Cowell left 'American Idol' last year to bring 'X Factor' to the States, but that doesn't mean there's love lost for the former judge.

We asked Cowell, through e-mail, if he was still watching the show he made into a juggernaut, and he said yes.

"I did see some parts of it," he responded. "And I think they are doing a good job. It's a different show to last year and the one before that."

But he added, "Really, when I think of the days I most loved on 'Idol' is when it was Randy, Paula and I. That's how I always think of 'Idol.'"

Simon also explained that he'd love to work with Paula again ("She's great and I think she's really got good taste in music"), that he would never follow Piers Morgan's footsteps and do his own talk show and what he would say to Charlie Sheen given the chance.