justin timberlake britney spearsPop-Ed: We get it, Justin Timberlake. We know why you're miserable. One more night of couch-cuddling and Netflix-watching with Jessica Biel and you were going to go bananas. Caged birds must sing. Butterflies must be free. D***s must not be boxed (or so the song tells us).

But picking up random booty-shakers at the club and rocking their bodies till the break of dawn is going to lose its appeal over time. Then what? How long before you're spotted canoodling in public with another LA actress/hottie. You'll be walking her dog in the West Village. She'll be wearing a fun, furry hat (or maybe you will). She'll be cute-as-a-button, somebody like newly single Ashley Greene.

But you need to look a little closer at your past to figure this one out, JT.