Ellen DeGeneres isn't on the panel of 'American Idol' anymore, but that doesn't mean she can't share some laughs with new 'Idol' judge Jennifer Lopez.

The two stars collaborated on an elaborate prank targeting two unsuspecting people on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' earlier this week.

Via a hidden microphone, DeGeneres directed Lopez with verbal cues, as J.Lo interviewed two potential assistants.

While Lopez met with the first applicant, DeGeneres had the singer-actress declare herself a "huge star, internationally known" and repeat the word "great" endlessly. The clueless job candidate was asked, "Is my beauty distracting?" and also saw Lopez spray her fragrance into the air, after which she asked, "Have you ever shaved a woman's leg?"

The second applicant was probably equally as bewildered, as Lopez described herself as a celebrity first and a person second, before offering excessive high-fives over their mutual love of chocolate.

See how the sneaky stars pulled off their hilarious comedy bit in the video clip after the jump.