Shania Twain started off 2011 with a New Year's Day wedding in Puerto Rico. But before the big day, she suffered her personal hardships in secret, including fallout from an infidelity scandal and an unexpected divorce. She also suffered an insecurity about performing that she wrestled with privately in recent years.

Now, instead of singing about her feelings, she's talking about them. 'Why Not? with Shania Twain,' her new OWN reality series for the Oprah Winfrey Network, captures the Canadian country singer trying to a) describe what was really going on while fans watched her recede from the spotlight, and b) regain her self-confidence.

As seen in the series' new trailer, Twain embarks on plenty of sweaty adventures (skydiving, rock climbing) and gooey self-reflection. And road trips seem to be a theme: The beautiful Grammy winner travels around listening to other people's problems as a way to examine her own issues.

It's not clear whether Twain, 45, is sampling new-age hobbies or just procrastinating a music comeback, as the clip's concert footage keeps reminding us that her public wants their Shania onstage once more. Then again, by letting us in on her reality TV journey, maybe she knows exactly what she's doing; with soul-searching Oprah acting as her behind-the-scenes mentor, that's likely the case.

'Why Not?' premieres May 8. See the show's trailer: