Who: Christian TV
Video: 'Love 2 Baby'
Hails From: Detroit, Mich.
For Fans Of: Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake

Why He's About to Pop: Young producer and pop provocateur Christian TV (aka Christian Berishaj) is used to raising eyebrows. He started out as a 12-year-old with ProTools and first broke at 18 with his band Love Arcade, whose hit '1, 2, 3, Turn Around' was licensed more than 200 times on shows from 'Jersey Shore' to 'True Life.' Christian worked with the Deftones, Tyga, Leighton Meester and Jeffree Starr after the band went on permanent hiatus. Reborn as Christian TV, he hit the airwaves with the summer jam 'When She Turns 18' and got a Twitter nod from Britney Spears. As he prepares his debut album 'Diary of an 80's Baby,' he's just released a new hot and sweaty party video for 'Love2Baby,' which gets you thinking about what's happening between those strobe light flares.

PopEater caught up with Christian TV to talk about fan messages and besting Prince at double entendres. Check out the interview the video for 'Love2Baby' below.