Brad Womack's Ex Reveals His 'Scary' Temper to Life & StyleBrad Womack may have won Emily Maynard's heart on the most recent season of 'The Bachelor,' but all she'll get from him is heartbreak, according to his ex.

Womack's former girlfriend, Laurel Kagay, who dated the Austin-based entrepreneur on and off for eight years before ending their relationship in 2010, says that Womack's temper will ruin his relationship with Maynard.

"He would sometimes yell, really loud, to the point that he would almost start throwing things," describes Kagay of her relationship with Womack. "It was scary."

While Kagay was often afraid in his presence, she says that Womack would follow up their fights with apologies and lavish gifts, including over-the-top floral arrangements and pricey purses, until she agreed to take him back.