Following the Warblers' breakout success on 'Glee' as the New Directions' rival glee club from the fictional Dalton Academy, where the characters Kurt and Blaine currently perform, the show will release a CD of the group's tracks from the season.

'Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers' will hit stores April 19 and in addition to the songs already featured on the show, the CD will include three all-new tunes. (The only suspiciously missing track is Kurt and Blaine's Christmas duet of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside.') We've got a roundup of all the songs from the CD and how they fit into the Glee-verse.

1. 'Teenage Dream' -- The Katy Perry track kicked off the Warblers' appearances on the show when Kurt spied on the rival team during episode six. We were all as smitten as Kurt with the dreamy singing group.