When Debbie Reynolds reflects on her friend and former foe Elizabeth Taylor, her words are often brushed with bittersweet strokes. Speaking a day after the film icon's death, Reynolds calls Taylor "the most glamorous star of our generation" and notes that "women liked her and men adored her, including my husband." As the story goes, back in 1959 Reynolds' husband Eddie Fisher fell under Taylor's intoxicating spell and left her and their two young kids. To make matters worse, it was all done in full view of the public.

"She went through her younger years of just obtaining what she wanted," Reynolds tells PopEater. "Later in life she became a little more aware of other people's feelings."

Reynolds tells us about forgiving her old friend, working with Taylor in her final starring role in 2001 and how she feels Jane Russell was given the short shrift when she died earlier this month.