It takes a lot of nerve to assume the roles of Prince William of Wales and his soon-to-be-bride, Kate Middleton. Nico Evers-Swindell and Camilla Luddington, the actors who star in Lifetime's 'William & Kate' TV movie, have already had a taste of what is in store for them for having the audacity to portray the world's most famous bride and groom of our time. The British press is critiquing the pair. Swindell has more hair than William. Luddington is more voluptuous than Kate. Swindell towers over his leading lady, while the real-life future king and queen are more evenly matched in height. And the movie was shot -- egad! -- in Hollywood with only second unit filming done in Scotland and England.

Let them carp as they will, Lifetime is already reaping the rewards of providing a lightning fast movie to a 'William & Kate' hungry world, with brisk sales across Europe and elsewhere. The movie premieres April 18.

Luddington tells PopEater that the day her casting was announced, there were reporters outside her family's home. Swindell recalls that tabloid types were waiting for them after a table reading of the 'William & Kate' script. "They were taking snaps and demanding interviews. It was funny, we had just finished reading the script, and then we were stepping outside into that reality. It gave me a very visceral feeling of what their world must be like, albeit a very minor one," he says.