Leave it to Alec Baldwin to keep his fans in stitches -- even when it's totally unintentional.

The '30 Rock' actor was snapped by paparazzi entering Lincoln Center in New York City on Thursday. Like most others attending that evening, Baldwin was dressed to the nines. A female hand, sporting cut-off gloves, red nail polish and a gold ring, is seen adjusting Baldwin's coat.

But focus on Baldwin's expression for a moment and pair it with the placement of the woman's hand -- it looks almost as if the actor has been caught in the middle of the Pledge of Allegiance and that the hand is his own!

Is this photograph simply a hilarious capture or an homage to Tina Fey? If Baldwin's limb swap seems all too familiar to you, it may be because of its similarity to the cover of Fey's soon-to-be-released book, 'Bossypants.'