Chris Brown's Publicist QuitsChris Brown can "kiss kiss" his publicist goodbye, thanks to his recent violent blowup on 'Good Morning America.' reports that following Brown's window-smashingest, shirt-rippingest episode to date, his publicist, Tammy Brook, has ended her professional relationship with the 'F.A.M.E.' singer.

Brown, who has been promoting his new album this week, has had a wild few days, starting when he became enraged on the set of his 'GMA' interview with Robin Roberts after the host asked him a question about his now-infamous attack on Rihanna in 2009. Following the incident, Brown was photographed playing basketball as if nothing ever happened and then later was snapped grinding on a scantily clad woman at his album release party.

The singer apologized for his angry outburst, telling fans, "I got very emotional, and I wanna apologize for acting like that," but it was already too late.