Elizabeth Taylor was one of the last greats, an icon until the day she died and now a legend that will live on forever. Unlike plenty of celebrities who advance in years and let their business fall to the wayside, Taylor maintained a lucrative package of licensing and endorsement deals, which for a lesser being, would have dried up a half-century ago.

Still, the value of the Liz Taylor image and name only stands to rise in the months and years following her passing.

After their death, certain departed stars (referred to as "Delebs" by executives within the dead celebrity industry) generate more income than they did while they were alive. The dead celebrity industry today is valued at more than $800 million a year and growing. They're the easiest clients to manage. Not only don't they meddle in their business affairs, but they won't get caught with their pants down, get busted for drunken driving or make a racist remark. For some expired celebrities, their postmortem value has nowhere to go but up.